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MVN - Neuhaus - Company Building
First founded in 1992  the company has grown successfully until today.

Our customers are medium-sized companies in the supply industry for the electrical, automotive and medical technology and electronics.

We are connected regionally and in Germany as part of long-term and reciprocal partnership that is built on trust and cooperation and joint appearance towards customers and suppliers.

There are currently 17 employees in band and two barrel / plating equipment are employed to work in a 1000 square meters, equipped with all necessary safety standards, production building.

Moreover, in quality assurance, made ​​in the laboratory and in the office for another 5 people in the adjacent administrative building.

The company is conveniently situated on the A73 ("Thuringian Forest Highway") at the southern edge of the Thuringian Slate Mountains, in business location Sonneberg / Neuhaus. This offers the possibility of combined transport container terminal at Sonnenberg (15 km). The local airport Coburg - Brandensteinsebene (35 km) can be served with a starting weight of 5.7 tonnes. The closest airports are Hof (80 km), Erfurt (90 km) and Nuernberg (120 km). About the street called "Frankenschnellweg"  the Metropolitan Region of Nuernberg is easy to drive.

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MVN- Neuhaus GmbH - Metallveredelung und Bandgalvanik

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