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You can set the degree of detail of the map display in the map using the mouse wheel or the overlapped + / - symbols.

When inputting the starting address, for example, even vague indications, e.g. Domplatz, Erfurt to plan a route. The route continues to be zoomable, e.g. Route sections in more detail!

If you want to include one or more intermediate stations that are not currently on the planned route, simply drag the next route point to your intermediate station in the map.
The textual route is adapted simultaneously.

Several routes?

If several equivalent routes are found, they are displayed in tabular form with the required travel time. Click on one of these lines to update both the map and the directions on this route.

Toolbar hints

Sie können mit den beiden Buttons in der Zeile unter der Karte folgende Funktionen umschalten:

Toggle traffic IinfoShow / hide traffic information and building sites

Toggle infoboxShow / hide the destination marker

Center to targetCenter map to destination address

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