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See our offerings and expertise in a range of services, which includes many types of technically relevant surfaces.

Reel-To-Reel Electroplating

Ennobling of strip material (Ribbon, punched Stripes, punched grid)

Reel-to-Reel Electroplating of stripes
(Stamped and unstamped Working material)

The galvanic coating of metal strips of copper and copper alloys, brass, zinc, steel and stainless steel are available at several stripes with the following combinations:

  • Pre-and post-treatments: degreasing, activation (completely)
  • Copper (full surface; as a primer surface or barrier surface)
  • Acidic nickel plating (all over as a primer surface)
  • Nickel (full surface; sulfamate satin; ductile)
  • Tin, bright 100% pure (the entire area, solderable)
  • Tin, 100% pure matte (full surface solderable)
  • Silver 99,5% pure, clean (the entire area, semi-bright for technical applications, solderable), on request, with tarnish (organic)

Elektroplating of single parts

Galvanic processing of bulk articles (Barrel and rack plating)

Electroplating of bulk articles
(Barrel and rack plating)

For the electrodeposition of small parts in the form of drums (bulk) and on racks, in particular for use in electrical and electronic and the automotive industry are fully automatic to do. Bulk and surface structure following systems and their combinations are available:

  • Pre-and post-treatments: degreasing, activation, etching
  • Copper: a primer layer or barrier layer
  • Nickel sulfamate (semi-bright, ductile)
  • Tin, bright 100% pure (solderable)
  • Tin: matt 100% pure (solderable)
  • Silver 99,9% pure: Satin tech. Applications, solderable, with optional anti-tarnish (organic)
  • Prescribed standards and norms can be obtained on request.
  • It to work on mechanically sensitive parts through the use of vibration modules

All these surfaces are ROHS compliant.
Other ennoblements on request.

We also work with small batches and sample quantities of the desired surface under near conditions.

Delivery time upon Agreement!

Galvanic Specimen

pattern plating (Ennobling of small parts)

pattern plating
(Electroplating of small parts and stripes)

For the electrical performance of both barrel, stripes and racks material are in the MVN GmbH different ways of processing available.

As an advantage for the customer to take this opportunity to quickly and economically favorable refinement of micro and small quantities mentioned. The documentation generated by the processing can be sure the required samples processed as close to production have to.

As an additional service we can advise you on all issues and problems associated with galvanized surfaces.


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03.11.2014 - Comissioning of the new reel-to-reel machine

In cooperation with experienced companies was within in a few months a new reel-to-reel machine for selective galvanic treatment of stripes to 90 mm width built and put into operation.
Further information see under “galvanic treatment of stripes”


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